j0089184.wmf (7164 bytes)Installing and Uninstalling Software


Most software that you purchase will be distributed  on CD-ROM or Diskette Sets.  If the software is distributed on CD-ROM, inserting the disk into the CD-ROM drive will probably launch the setup process.  All you will have to do is watch the screen and agree to a few questions.  The program will be automatically installed and additions will be made to the start.gif (367 bytes)menuing system.

Software that is sold on diskette sets will not activate the self-installation procedures.  You will have to do this manually.  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Insert the first diskette (Disk 1) in the diskette drive slot

  2. Click the start.gif (367 bytes)button and choose "Run" from the menu

  3. Type "a:setup" (without quotes) and click on the OK button

setup.gif (2825 bytes)

The installation program will begin.  If the program is distributed on more than one disk, the setup program will ask you to exchange disks periodically.  Be sure that you insert the disk tha the program specifies.


In the event that you wish to remove software from the computer, most commercial products build in an Uninstall routine when they are installed.  To best method of accessing this routine is to open the Control Panel.  Click the Start Button, move the mouse pointer upward until it is on top of the word "Settings".   A submenu will appear that contains the Control Panel icon.  Move your mouse to the right until the arrow is over the Control Panel Folder and then click the left mouse button once.  Doing so will bring up the following screen:

controlpanel.gif (6751 bytes)

Clicking the "Add/Remove Programs" icon will then allow you to uninstall software from a list.  Carefully choose the software package that you want to remove and then click the "Add/Remove" button.   The computer will take care of the rest.  It is a really good idea to make sure that you don't have the program running on the computer when you try to uninstall it.

uninstall.gif (9079 bytes)