j0089184.wmf (7164 bytes)Starting and Stopping Your Computer


Like all electronic devices, the computer has an ON-OFF switch to bring power into it.  You will find either a pushbutton switch located  on the front of the CPU housing, or a toggle switch located on the back of the CPU housing.  

Chances are that the monitor and the computer are not powered by the same switch.  It the monitor has an ON-OFF switch, it should be on before the CPU is brought to life.  The same is true for any peripherals that the computer will be using.  It is best to have them turned on so that the computer can find them as it runs through its start up instructions. 

The operating system of a modern PC is very complex and may take over a minute or two to completely prepare itself for use.  Be patient.  Once the computer has completed the startup procedure, it is ready to take orders from its master....you!  Most of what you will do with the computer after it starts can be accessed using the "Start" button start.gif (367 bytes)at the lower left corner of the screen (in Windows 95). 


When you are ready to stop using the computer, you must take it through a shutdown procedure.  Fortunately, this only involves selecting the "Start" button and choosing the lowest selection on the menu. . ."Shutdown".  The following dialogue screen will appear:

shutdown.gif (3365 bytes)

Wait for the computer to complete its internal shutdown instructions before switching off the power.